Whether a restaurateur, caterer or commercial kitchen – in terms of vegan and organic, LunchVegaz can be the extension for the menu of your professional kitchen. For young and old, old and young: we offer a diverse portfolio of menus from all over the world. LunchVegaz has its own production and can therefore create individually tailored menus. Whether chilled or fresh – depending on your needs, the optimal package sizes of 250g cups over 2.5kg to 10kg trays are available for the GV area. When it comes to freshness, our innovative production and packaging process guarantees an expiration date of 30 days.

Organic ready meals are healthy dishes?

Yes! Because LunchVegaz does not need the usual preservatives and flavor enhancers. We cook freshly with purely natural ingredients. Our nutrient-saving production and the shelf life of 30 days make the LunchVegaz organic fresh dishes unique. And delicious!

Sustainability through appreciation

The so-called sustainability trend has been a matter for LunchVegaz right from the beginning. As a bio manufactory, that stands for sustainability and conscious nutrition, avoiding food waste is a relevant topic, especially in the area of catering. Therefore, we always work on good strategies and always pay attention to relevant quantities. The close cooperation with the Höfegemeinschaft Pommern makes it possible for us to be able to shop directly on site.  At LunchVegaz, the careful handling of food is also promoted by the professional qualifications of our employees. It’s one thing to eat healthy at home. This can be more difficult at events. LunchVegaz therefore prefers to offer regional and healthy dishes with its organic catering . In the end, the taste always decides whether and how much the guest leaves on the plate.