The LunchVegaz vending machine

Organic meals at all times of the day. A service to keep you and your co-workers happy and healthy.

It is not a secret: When you are following a whole food, plant-based diet, eating out can be challenging at times – and often limited in variety. We offer you a wider rage of possibilities with the LunchVegaz vending machine, placed publicly accessible (e.g. at a station) or in your company building, providing catering for your team.

The LunchVegaz vending machine contains up to 30 different vegan meals that are perfect for your health-conscious lifestyle and a balanced diet. Smoothies, snacks, soups and sweets may also be included in the assortment to make it an all-round carefree package.
The chosen products can the bought at any time using our LunchVegaz app (coming soon) or with cash at one of our machines.

The machine comes in a stylish wooden or bamboo panelling and can be enhanced or combined in different ways to meet your specific needs: The combination with a snack, drink or coffee vending machine; or including heating ovens to heat up the meals right after purchase – almost everything is possible.

If you are interested in setting up your own LunchVegaz machine and want to know more details, our service fees etc., please contact the LunchVegaz service team: (E-Mail:

Vending machine types

The LunchVegaz vending machine panelled with elegant wood

Lunch Vegaz Automat mit Sichtfenster

The LunchVegaz vending machine paired with another vending machine (e.g. dispensing sweets and fizzy drinks)

Lunch Vegaz Automat Kombi mit Getränke

The LunchVegaz vending machine of the future

Egal wo und wann, Du bekommst immer Dein Lieblingsessen frisch und heiss!

In the near future, we will develop and refine the LunchVegaz vending machine even more – for your convenience and wellbeing. We intend to make features like automatic heating and a module for hot holding optionally available, leading to the possibility of ordering in advance (via app or homepage) and picking up a hot meal right from the machine at your desired time. Both app and homepage will help to assess the availability of certain meals and will show you LunchVegaz vending machine in your area:

Great food at any time – enjoy your healthy meal!