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Product description

Cacao-nibs – these are cocoa beans, which first ferment in the escape meat of the cocoa Scot, removed from it and then broken into small pieces. The gentle preparation gives the nibs a mild-bitter aroma, depending on the maturity of the fermentation.


roasted barley (38,5%), rice syrup (38,5%), almond puree (10%), sesame puree (7%), cacao Nibs (3%), almond seeds (3%), cinnamon, salt.

Allergenic ingredients:
almond, gluten and sesame

Average nutritional values

per 100 g1 Bar (40 g)
Calories1672 kJ/401 kcal669 kJ/161 kcal
Total fat
– of which saturated fatty acids
14,1 g
2,6 g
5,6 g
1,0 g
Total carbohydrate
– of which sugar
54,3 g
24,1 g
21,7 g
9,6 g
Dietary fiber8,6 g3,4 g
Protein9,9 g4,0 g
Sodium0,1 g0,04 g


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