Goji Bar

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Product description

The goji berries are at the top of the list at every nutritionally conscious foodie! The dried fruits of the Goat Dorn’s shrub are excellently suited for a healthy diet as they provide many fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin C and carotenoids. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine uses the berries to support the immune system and to combat eye problems as well as hypertension.


roasted barley (39%), rice syrup (39%), goji berries (8%), cashew puree (8%), sesame puree (6,5%), orange peel and sea salt.

Allergenic ingredients:
gluten and sesame

Average nutritional values

per 100 g1 Bar (40 g)
Calories1570 kJ/376 kcal628 kJ/150 kcal
Total fat
– of which saturated fatty acids
8,8 g
1,7 g
3,5 g
0,7 g
Total carbohydrate
– of which sugar
61,4 g
28,0 g
24,5 g
11,2 g
Dietary fiber6,8 g2,7 g
Protein8,8 g3,5 g
Sodium0,1 g0,04 g


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